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CREMARK offers a unique Overt Property Marking system that clearly marks the ownership of your possessions, in order to deter thieves and aid the recovery of stolen property.

  •  Visible deterrent
  •  Easy to use
  •  Reduces the appeal of items to thieves
  •  Stolen property can easily be identified
  •  With no requirement to register details on any database!

The clearly visible security coding which uses your Postcode and the house number or first two letters of your house name makes the item identifiable and traceable. This marking is then made permanent by coating the markings with CREMARK's specially formulated protective lacquer.

CREMARK has been designed for use in a wide variety of areas, including home and garden, trade and industry, office and education. Additionally, recreational pursuits such as caravan/camping, boating and fishing can all benefit with the use of CREMARK and give you 'INSTANT THIEF PROTECTION'.

Practitioners please note that quantity discounts are available - Please contact us directly for information via or telephone 01778 305011 (fax: 01778 305012)


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