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About Us

CRE Products Ltd. was formed in 2006 by our two directors, who are in the unique position of both having been trained as Home Office Crime Reduction Officers. Their background gives over 60 years of crime prevention experience through careers with Lincolnshire Police and Rutland County Council.

Both have visited hundreds of crime scenes, as a result of which, they have gained experience in knowing how criminals commit crime, how they overcome certain measures and have learnt what is good and bad in the world of security.

This knowledge led to the formation of Crime Reduction Enterprise to allow the introduction of crime prevention products to your community, both domestic and commercial to enable them to protect their possessions and property.

CRE Products Ltd developed and tested the Overt property marking methodology and are now making this technique available to the wider market.

CRE Products Ltd. focuses on theft protection solutions and offer innovative products for protecting your possessions from theft.

Our goal is to supply only quality products aimed at deterring and preventing you from becoming a victim of crime.

Our vision is to be recognised as a business, which is known for its high standards and credibility in both domestic and commercial markets.