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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?
Yes, anyone who can write can use the CREMARK system. CREMARK enables you to put a durable security mark on your possessions and then seal that mark with a dusting coat of quick drying protective lacquer.

Can the CRE Mark be removed from an item?
As with any marking system it can be removed, but it is difficult to do so withoutdamaging the surface of the item the ‘MARK’ has been placed on. This makes it quite obvious the item has been tampered with and reduces its value to a thief. Marked items have very little appeal to thieves as they have to sell them to someone else who then sells the property on. These people are known as Fences, FENCES will not touch anything that is marked, traceable and especially has the words “Stolen From” on the item, so by marking your possessions overtly with CREMARK, it will deter thieves from stealing your items in the first place.

How many items will one kit mark?
Each kit will mark up to 40 items

But can’t I do it myself with a permanent marker?
Yes, but some permanent markers will not work on all plastics and despite what the name may suggest most permanent markers can actually be removed very quickly and easily without damaging the item, using alcohol based products.

I thought UV/Invisible marker pens were the things to use?
For years the Home Office and Police have recommended marking of possessions with UV(Ultra Violet) markers, but unfortunately UV marked items offer no deterrent to a thief. You can’t see it!! and unfortunately today’s police forces do not have the resource to look at every item on sale thoroughly for UV markings.

What happens if I move?
Draw a line through the original postcode and re-write the new postcode on it. Police will check all postcodes marked on an item to locate the lawful owner, if necessary.

So wont the thief do this as well?
No, they can not risk getting caught with stolen property and to carry out this procedure would take them too much time.

What do I do if I want to sell my marked items?
Realistically, how many people sell drills sanders or jigsaws? Most get run into the ground and thrown out.

Can I use the marking system on porcelain or antiques?
We would recommend that you use an alternative system on these items (Please contact CRE Products for technical advice on alternative methods of securing these items)

Will the system work on wood?
Yes, it works very well on wooden handles of tools.

How long will the kit be useable for?
The kit has been designed to last and as long as you replace the pen cap and empty the spray nozzle (as instructed on the can) it will not dry up and continue working each time you need to mark any newly purchased items.